The New Bohemian Café is a celebration of food, drink, and community. We’re a neighborhood coffee shop and deli, nestled in downtown Northport. We stock our case with homemade grab-and-go sandwiches, deli salads, 9 Bean Rows pastries, local cheeses, and a variety of other goodies from near and far.

We are also home to the Baia Estate Winery tasting room. The winery’s seven Leelanau wines are made to go with food, friendship and all that is good in life. They range from a dry Riesling to its signature Rosecco (rose + prosecco = sparkling deliciousness) and pinot noir. Wine is available by the taste or the can or bottle.

About the Bohemians

Amy and Kevin Murphy live in the village of Northport. Kevin has a multi-generational family connection with Northport, where his grandfather’s best friends often hosted their family at their cottage. About ten years ago, the Murphys bought farmland in Gills Pier. Following the birth of their first daughter, they left mainstream careers and moved to their home in the Village, where they still live. Two kids, a farm, a food truck, and a consulting business later, here they are. The name of the café is a nod to the area’s Bohemian heritage, and the Murphys love for a creative, unconventional life.

110 Waukazoo St. Northport, MI 49670