The New Bohemian Café is a celebration of food, drink, and community. We’re a neighborhood coffee shop and deli, nestled in downtown Northport. We stock our case with homemade grab-and-go sandwiches, deli salads, 9 Bean Rows pastries, local cheeses, and a variety of other goodies from near and far.

We are co-located with the Baia Estate Winery tasting room. The winery’s Leelanau wines are made to go with food, friendship and all that is good in life. On the dry side, but fruit-forward and well-balanced, Baia Estate wines are available for tasting, by the glass, and for take-out by the bottle, can or howler.

Our Local Growers, Producers and Artisans

We are surrounded by amazing talent. We work with our local farms and producers every chance we get. Thanks to our food community for keeping our larder and shelves full and inspired.

Idyll Farms (Northport) – award winning goat cheeses, we almost always have almost all their cheese in stock. You’ll also find it on several of our sandwiches.

Leelanau Cheese (Suttons Bay) – you’ll find Anne and John’s award-winning raclette and fromage on our shelf anytime we can get it.

TLC Farms (Suttons Bay) – Tomatoes and basil. The heart of our Caprese sandwich.

9 Bean Rows Bakery (Lake Leelanau) – All of our croissants and plenty of our other sweet treats are made by 9 Bean Rows. It’s the best pastry we’ve had, hands down. We love it that they collaborate with us, and let us bake several of their pastries in-house.

9 Bean Rows Farm (Lake Leelanau) – Greens and lots of vegetables. We stock their greens and salad mixes in our cooler, and use it on our sandwiches every chance we get.

Leelanau Specialty Cut Flowers (Cedar) – Everyone needs flowers. They go fast, and they are beautiful to look at. We stock bouquets in our retail cooler once or twice a week in season.

Rains Grains and Sweets (Elberta) – Sweet and savory baked treats, tartlets, cookies, scones and more from an old friend. We’re so proud of Carrie for going pro with her baking.

Leelanau Farmers (Leelanau County) – We buy produce every week in season at the Leelanau Farmers Market in Northport, and at farm stands around the county. Thanks to lots of producers — Bardenhagen Berries, Popps, Alpers, Kolariks, Bells of Christmas, Loma Farms, Second Spring, La Casa Verde, Versnyders and more. We love you all.

Full Moon Microgreens (Traverse City) – Sprouts and microgreens for soup, salads, sandwiches. We also sell them in our grocery cooler.

Northwoods Sodas (Traverse City) – sodas, lemonade and coffee flavor syrups. Northwoods is an independent family biz, and they make their products with cane sugar, natural ingredients and love.

Light of Day Organic Tea (Traverse City) – Angela and crew blend these incredible teas, and grow a good portion of it too. 100% organic, and 100% made with love, these really are the best teas we’ve ever tasted. All of our tea (including the iced tea) is from Light of Day.

Coffee Express (Plymouth, MI) – our independent roaster, these Michiganders have supplied coffee to several of the wonderful cafes and restaurants where Amy and Kevin have worked and been inspired to start our own place. They roast our coffee for us, and they do an amazing job.

About the Bohemians

Amy and Kevin Murphy live in the village of Northport. Kevin has a multi-generational family connection with Northport, where his grandfather’s best friends often hosted their family at their cottage. About ten years ago, we bought farmland in Gills Pier. Following the birth of our first daughter, we left mainstream careers and moved to our home in the Village of Northport, where we still live. Two kids, a farm, a food truck, and a consulting business later, here we are. The name of the café is a nod to the area’s Bohemian heritage, and our love for a creative, unconventional life.

110 Waukazoo St. Northport, MI 49670