Espresso and Coffee Drinks

We brew a traditional, rich and creamy Italian-style espresso and a bold-flavored South American blend as our daily brew. Our coffee is custom-roasted by an independent Michigan roaster, and blended by hand here at the cafe.

Psst! Anything can be served over ice.

Espresso: on its own, in a cute little cup. Have it for here, it’ll only take a minute.

Americano: Espresso topped with hot water, similar to American brewed coffee.

Espresso and milk combos: Espresso macchiato, cortado, cappuccino, latte… We follow the traditional recipes and ratio of espresso to milk and milk foam… If you have questions about what any of our drinks are, we love to talk coffee. Just ask!

Fancy lattes: A shot or two of espresso, topped off with twice as much milk, and something a little special. Our special recipes include: mocha (with house-made chocolate), honey cardamom, vanilla cinnamon, and seasonal specials.

Seasonal specials: In celebration of autumn!

Maple Spice Latte, with local maple syrup, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Turmeric Ginger — like golden milk, but with coffee. Turmeric, ginger, honey and a pinch of pepper.

Brewed coffee: Our regular house coffee is our Bohemian Breakfast. (Yes, you can buy the beans). It’s a South American bean, medium-roasted with a bold flavor.

Fancy brewed coffee drinks: Cafe au lait (coffee and steamed milk, French-style) or cafe con miel (coffee, milk, honey and spices, the way they do it in Spain).

Flavor options: In addition to our special recipes, we have local flavor syrups – vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

Milk options: Our standard is whole milk. We also offer skim milk. Our non-dairy alternative is oat milk. (It’s a more sustainable crop, it foams well, and we like how it tastes!)

Steamers and More

Hot cocoa with house made chocolate. A classic treat, with or without our homemade whipped cream.

Steamers, aka the “natte” (pronounced not-tay, it’s a latte without coffee.) Any of our fancy lattes translate deliciously to steamers. Honey cardamom, turmeric ginger, maple spice, vanilla cinnamon. Or just add a flavor syrup if you want something simpler.

Hot spiced cider, mulled with cinnamon sticks, ginger and nutmeg. Add caramel if you want a sweeter treat!

Teas & Tea Lattes

Black teas: Irish Breakfast, Creamy Earl Grey (yup, we can make a London Fog!)

Green teas: All Heart, Tulsi Citrus

Herbal teas (no caffeine): Licorice Peppermint, Hummingbird Nectar (hibiscus & berry), Lemon-y Ginger, Heartwarming Cinnamon

Chai latte – Black tea with honey, vanilla and traditional Indian tea spices

Matcha latte – Ceremonial grade matcha, blended with steamed milk.

Cold Things

We have ice cubes, cold brew (made in-house with our Bohemian Breakfast coffee), and an espresso machine. Any coffee drink can be made into an iced drink.

Northwoods Draft Sodas & Lemonade — Made with love and cane sugar in TC. Root Beer, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade

Iced tea – Irish Breakfast tea, cold brewed and served over ice. Super smooth and refreshing.

Baia Estate Wines

We are co-located with the tasting room for Baia Estate Winery. These Leelanau wines are on the dry side and fruit forward. Thanks to our collaboration with the winery, you can enjoy a bite from the cafe along with a glass or taste of Baia Estate wine, and pick up a bottle, howler or can to take with you.

110 Waukazoo St. Northport, MI 49670