Pssst. We’re Back. Here’s What to Expect.

We quietly re-opened on summer solstice, 98 days after we closed to keep our community safe from COVID-19. It’s different and new, but it’s good to be back. We have carefully thought through and implemented controls to keep everyone as safe as possible. Here’s what to expect at the New Bo in the era of coronavirus.

How to Do the New-New Bohemian

Ordering and Pickup: You can order online at or in person at the front door. We’ll make your order and you pick it up at the pick-up window in our new patio area.

Online ordering, window or curbside pickup also available: We have added online ordering at You will receive a notification from our order system when it’s ready. We’re doing our best to have things ready by the pickup time on your order, larger orders may take a little bit longer. For curbside orders, go ahead and call us when you get here: 231-386-1034.

MASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. A mask is required anytime you interact with our staff. At the front door and at the pickup station. We wear a mask to protect you, we ask you to do the same for us. If you are not able to wear a mask, we can still take care of you by using the contactless order and curbside pickup system at

SPREAD OUT AND SOCIALLY DISTANCE IN OUR NEW OUTDOOR SEATING AREA. Did we mention we now have a patio? Tables are spaced for safe social distancing and may not be moved or combined. We do not offer table service. Please respect others’ kspace and observe social distancing while you visit the New Bo.

IF YOU’RE NOT FEELING WELL, STAY HOME. That should go without saying, but truly. If you don’t feel well, play it safe. We screen ourselves every day to make sure we’re not a risk to you, or to each other. We ask you to be equally caring with us.

A few menu changes, as we navigate the best way to keep New Bo alive and well:

  • Sandwiches are now made-to-order, instead of grab-and-go. Fresh just got even fresher.
  • We still have Baia Estate Wines available by the bottle. We are not offering wine tasting or glasses at this time. No alcohol may be consumed on our premises. Please take a bottle home and enjoy this delicious wine safely with some people you love!
  • At the moment, the following are not available: salads and deli sides, soups, cheese or charcuterie sharing plates. We are also not offering grocery items like cheese, sausages, flowers, etc.

A handful of other things we’re doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Increased disinfecting of all shared areas. Our staff follows food safety protocols, and we have increased disinfecting of all shared surfaces, including our touch screen cash register. Customers are asked to sanitize their hands before touching the screen, and contactless payment is encouraged.
  • There are no self-service areas. We’ll pour the cream for you, hand you the napkins, and get you the sweetener you need. Let us know what you need, and please dispose of your own trash in the provided waste bin.
  • Everything comes in single-use, disposable packaging. If you are an espresso drinker, feel free to bring your own cup and pour it from the paper cup into your nice cup. (That’s what we’d do, too). No travel mugs or refills.
  • To keep our staff safe, anything that goes out the pickup window into customer possession may not come back into our space.
  • Our food safety protocols mean we’re already washing our hands frequently and wearing gloves when we touch things we give to you. We’ll keep on keeping you safe.

Huge thanks and love to:

All the people who bought gift cards and sent us financial resources when the pandemic hit. Holy smokes, you guys. We were able to pay our staff for a month before unemployment became available. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

The Village of Northport, which has been flexible and kind in helping us adapt to socially distanced requirements of space. Our patio and pickup area are not possible without their collaboration.

Our landlords, two sisters who own this beautiful building, and worked with us to allow us to use their driveway as a patio and pickup zone.

With gratitude and hope for a season of health and renewal,

Amy, Kevin and the NewBo crew

110 Waukazoo St. Northport, MI 49670