Closed for now. Stay home, stay safe. We love you.

The New Bohemian Cafe closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on March 13. We will be closed until further notice. And when it is safe to re-open, we intend to be here. Thank you to all the people who supported us with gift card purchases, and have bought things at our ad-hoc sales. It means a lot.

This is simultaneously an unsettling time, and a time for reflection and clarity on what really matters. For now, we are healthy and safe, and we’re doing our very best to take care of each other, our family and our community. We are grateful.

Please stay safe at home. Don’t go anywhere you don’t have to go. Care for each other, be gentle with yourselves. We love you, friends near and far. We want you to be safe and well.

What We Are Doing for Now:

Staying home, comfort cooking, gardening, loving our kids, providing essential comfort and non-essential ingredients

We are staying closed until it’s safe to re-open. We’re enjoying (surviving?) a chaotically messy house, planting an oversized garden that will probably be a symphony of weeds by midsummer, and taking comfort in cooking and baking. (Warning, if you eat as much bread as Kevin is #comfortbaking, you’re gonna need new pants by the end of this.)

We are not making any food to sell. We are continuing to connect with people around food through our Shelter & Plates video series: ideas, recipes and techniques for cooking at home with pantry staples. You can find them on our Instagram or Facebook feeds (@newbohemiancafe). Kevin’s pretty funny, and he’s also a great cook. Guest appearances by our kids, and occasionally our annoying but beloved dog.

We are also filling the gaps where we can to provide ingredients and comfort to our local community. If you need flour, yeast, bulk coffee, a bottle of wine, etc., order here or drop us a note, and we’ll arrange a contactless pickup time. Locals only, no shipping available. And DO NOT travel for this. Amy will scold you roundly from 6+ feet away, refund your money, and refuse to fill your order. We love you too much to risk your life, or anyone else’s, for a half cup of yeast.

Hold on to the good things, you beautiful people. Embrace the stillness, take the time to listen and be. Know that you are loved by your New Bohemian family, and we’re doing ok. We hope you are, too.

Amy, Kevin + the NewBo crew

110 Waukazoo St. Northport, MI 49670